Casuals fuel income for most developers nowadays. The age of super hardcore play is over and unattainable goals are turn offs for most casuals as well. If you expect a game like this to survive for more than a year without significant loss in income to the dev team (aka significant loss in content) you are very much so ignorant to how the majority of gamers are. A 1 year to get to full top tier loot if you dedicate time to getting to full top tier loot will engage a dead community. It will be targeted to a very small audience that enjoy this style (myself included), and we will run into Albion Online Silver. This has happened with titles before. The casuals feel hopeless and give up, the income for the developers go down, game becomes dead, and the servers halt. I would rather them increase the speed of progression in gear, and increase the activities to do. As of right now there is no end-game outside of grinding for that hard to get gear. If there was more reason to venture and less emphasize on fame grinding the game would have a much longer longevity and casual player income. Unless you plan on paying the bill they expect to receive from the casual crowd all yourself you may want to start thinking with your brain and less with your bias attraction to slow progression.

1. Hardcore players alone will not fill your bill. You will not make enough income as a developing team from a smaller population known as hardcore players.

2. Removing the ability for players to have a second choice or third choice or second character or third character that can be relevant in the game by Cheap Albion Online Gold will burn out the majority of your casuals that would play the game long term. Removing your income and playerbase at the same time.

3. The mobs in this game have got to be the most boring and unrewarding mobs I have ever killed in an rpg ever. Like... ever. This opinion will not and cannot be mine alone. Casuals will hate grinding that long on something so boring. You will lose your playerbase if the grind is long.