FFXIV GIL,ffxiv gil farming
FFXIV GIL,ffxiv gil farming
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Test Every Aspect Of The Albion Online Game

No, there has been drastic changes to the destiny board that forces my hand on my guild’s strategy when launch comes in. The whole point of this test which I agree on , is to test every aspect of the Albion Online Silver game, so end game testing is vital.. but to me testing the CURRENT end game is pretty much useless.

Honestly, if I could make a suggestion that I think would change this game for the better 100% , and I think they are ahead of me on this one.. is to remove ANY type of building plots on black zones and make them single cluster’s with late game material plots, fuck the farms, so throw up essense/forest/mines ... end game resource plots in black zones only with no cities so guilds have to fight for them and have no where to safely hide under a currently almost impossible city seige if your guild has any wits about it.The only reason death lost their cities is because they had the worst combination of guilds that could possibly have attempted what they did... now H&S are raiding them and still taking forever to wipe out the remaining guilds.


I agree with what you said up until you complain about the T7 gank squads (and this is coming from someone that has been ganked by those quads a lot!!!). There will always be lower tier players (new or slow progressers) that are going to be at a Albion Online Power Leveling disadvantage to those that have played longer or more. I don’t see a wipe as fixing the gank squad and I don’t think anyone should. If they wouldn’t have been ganking you in T7 they would be in T6 with about the same item tier difference as you are at now. As I have stated several times I would like to see a wipe in January to test the new and improved destiny board from scratch.

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