Your post demonstrates the entitlement mindset at its core by avoiding to discuss the specifics and having any understanding that the player must read before clicking. Haste makes waste, if you rush then you should expect some mistakes such as clicking on a duel request.

The entitlement mindset you possess prevents you from understanding that there is no theft of silver. There is an agreement.

If people would only take their time this wouldn’t happen, as you have describes this happens as a result of a Albion Online Power Leveling player performing an operation as fast as possible what else is to be expected? Ah, yes you are entitled to do as you wish as fast as possible with no risk. Carry on knave.

Where is the post that he says this? Otherwise didn’t happen. I would be terribly afraid if anybody with the title game designer would consider this an exploit given that it is done using only in game methods and would incite a witch hunt. Do you know how many false positives there would be? Anybody can claim being requested a duel when they weren’t or it was out of context.