I am interested. Currently in a guild that is not playing this alpha and the members, like myself, that are playing are considering joining someone else. Unsure if my current guild will actually be participating in beta at this point so considering other homes that plan to be active and work hard at being a force in Albion in Albion Mall and release. Currently t4 holy healer with gathering, crafting and pvp focuses although haven’t gotten to do much pvp as have been playing solo for the most part of this test and farming A LOT. Send a msg (forums or in game just drop the numbers if ingame) and we can discuss further if interested.

Greetings! I too have an interest in this guild concept. I would be proud to be a druid. (was my main in EQ and WoW lol, love them druids) And though I used to be more of a hardcore raider my gaming time has waned and I want to focus more on a gathering/crafting/farming/pve role. I have had leadership exp in mmos but it has been oh geez maybe 10 years or more though since then. I know its a little late in this alpha but i have fallen for this game and i will definitely be around the beta/s and launch for sure.

Vanguard’s main focus is to be a competitive force in the world of Albion.

Our founding players have been involved in AO since its inception.

We have played in and have been a competing force since the first alpha.

Our founders have been Officer’s / Right Hands in a Top Ten guild on the leaderboards and we strive to reach the next level by Cheap Albion Online Gold.

We do not consider ourselves “elitist” but we aim to stand out in every part of the game.

Within the ranks of Vanguard there is a spot for every type of player. We don’t force anyone into a role they don’t enjoy playing.

This guild is the foundation to play it your way with the benefit of having helpful and experienced members around you.


Vanguard is a democracy. Members are involved in decision making.